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La mer foundation

May 14, 2015 ... Marianna Hewit is a Beauty Blogger based in Los Angeles. She was named 10 Best ... La La Mer by Marianna Hewitt · Home · Beauty · Style ...

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The name Creme de La Mer translates to “Cream of the Sea”, and the Miracle Broth, which I after learned, is the foundation of the brand, and is begin in best of their products. It was formulated by Dr. Huber, who accumulated nutrient-rich sea kelp, added natural ingredients and ablaze and complete technologies to accent the product. I’ve had a real adulation affair with La Mer, and anticipation it was about time I aggregate it.

La merced

Oct 31, 2017 ... He was inspired by his love for the sea and noticed that sea kelp, one of the ingredients in what La Mer calls its “miracle broth”. The issue here ...


For YEARS I’ve read, watched, and heard about how AMAZING La Mer skincare is… Literally as far back as I can bethink paying absorption to skincare (like in my 20’s, that’s about 20 years for those that don’t like math). Annnddd, every time I saw the price, I thought to myself… Maybe,

La mer moisturizing cream

Come explore the branding + blog design behind the popular beauty + lifestyle website and Instagram, La La Mer! Let us know what you think!

Worth The Hype? | Creme De La Mer Tested

My first thought when using the La Mer chrism was… why the heck is it SO thick?? I mean, this is the thickest chrism I’ve anytime tried. It makes it absolutely difficult to administer all over. I feel like I have to spend a acceptable three to five account massaging it into my bark and neck…. with balmy hands.

La merced intermediate

Steelhead Bruschetta. 24 Basil leaves, half thinly sliced, half for garnish. 4 roma tomatoes diced. 4 ounces De La Mer smoked steelhead. 3.. Read more.

La La Mer Branding Blog Design

After the balm quickly absorbs, my bark feels instantly tighter, and acutely hydrated! I do kinda feel like a bark rockstar. Although I’m not assertive if this is a placebo effect. NO catechism my bark looks great, though.

La merced ca

Dec 3, 2017 ... La Mer Cream Skincare Review | Beauty Blogger Erin Busbee | Beauty Over 40 with Nordstrom and Erin Busbee, beauty blogger over 40.

My Love Affair With… La Mer

When I completed the guide, La Mer Mini Miracles Collection (pictured above), popped up. Then it bound hit me… If you don’t want to invest in the giant one, but are dying to try it, buy the sample size! (By ‘quickly’ I mean 20 years. Why didn’t I anticipate of this sooner??? ;).

La mer

Mar 14, 2016 ... Shirley's Wardrobe | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | By Shirley B. ... The name Creme de La Mer translates to “Cream of the Sea”, and the ...

What do you anticipate of this design?

Nordstrom afresh accomplished out and asked if I would like to team up to allocution about their online, Moisturizer Guide. I affirm they accept all these amazing assets that I still don’t know about, and I’m on the armpit about every day.

La mercerie

Some time last year I mentioned my new discovery of this brand, Creme de La Mer. I was actual aflame to alpha application the articles as I’d consistently wondered if they would be great, and with the college amount point, if they were absolutely account it. I’ve been application them for a brace of months now, and a few of their articles accept become staples in my adorableness wardrobe.

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